Steps to Automated Data Entry for your Everyday Business Operations

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There’s no denying that reducing the amount of manual entry your employees need to manage increases the effectiveness of your daily operations, but what’s the first step in reaching this level of effectiveness? And how can you optimize data entry solutions to fit your needs?

We believe the first step is to sort through and organize your everyday workflows. It’s important to make connections in order to streamline processes so you’re not touching things within your warehouse twice. Organizing tasks ensure processes are as streamlined as possible. You will also be able to identify the data entry solution that’s right for you a little easier.

The next step is to define exactly what type of order entry automations will benefit you most. Answers to the following questions will help to ensure you get the right solution for your business processes:

  • Is scanning performed at a desk or are they better served being mobile?
  • How close or far are they from the point of data entry?
  • Is the scanning done in a rugged environment or office environment?
  • Are there ergonomic or visual requirements?
  • Is dust, dirt or water a factor?

Once you have organized your current workflow and answered the questions above, you are ready for an automation enhancement. We here at AbeTech specialize in order entry solutions that automate your everyday business operations. Contact us today to learn more about our order entry solutions and how they can benefit you.

By Jennifer Toepper with AbeTech, Microsoft Dynamics Hardware Provider

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