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Speak to Me … and we will have a Supply Chain Execution Conversation!

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Voice enabled warehouse operations are a natural choice for companies that want hands free inventory operations from receiving to picking.  Voice typically involves the operator wearing a headset as the main interface to the warehouse management solution.  A leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) application WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse focuses more on a graphical interface and voice options require third party software.  But now, a recent announcement by Microsoft has our development team very excited about the new possibilities to make voice a practical solution.

If you own a smartphone, you probably are aware of speech features that allow you to communicate with launching apps.  Siri from Apple goes a step further and provides more intelligent and advanced application specific commands but does not expose the API’s to app developers.  This June at the Windows Phone Summit, Kevin Gallo announced that for the first time, the Windows Phone 8 is taking speech to the next level.

The next release of Windows 8 Phone, which is based on the same shared core OS as Windows 8, will allow developers to create speech enabled applications.  In a demonstration Kevin did on stage, using an application created by Audible, an Amazon company, he showed how you can now use speech to, “play” a specific book, skip to the next chapter, pause the audio, and search libraries.  The conversation can be very interactive and opens the door for technology based companies like Appolis to create deeper speech, and subsequently “hands free” supply chain execution experiences.

Instead of relying on third party software providers, Microsoft is again extending the world of possibilities for their technology partners and that ultimately gives Customers better and quicker access to advances in technology with a rapid ROI.  As new voice capabilities come to market, it will continue to change how we work and play.  It’s not too unrealistic to envision a future where all we have is a screen, a microphone, a speaker, a supply chain execution conversation … and two free hands.


By Travis Smith, CTO/Founder


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