Software Glitches Sabotaging Your Goals? Stop Them Before They Stop You

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Manufacturers and distributors have complex business operations that require robust business solutions.  Working with disparate, specialty solutions introduces delays, which can turn real-time data into old data, and data sets can be full of errors.  Multiply the confusion with multiple facilities and hundreds of customers and your business/financial solutions can cause more problems than they solve.  Don’t get tripped up by your software- implement a solution that can add control and visibility to your business.

One of the most important tasks facing manufacturers and distributors is tracking inventory.  That task becomes challenging when there are multiple warehouses and manufacturing facilities.  With raw materials and inventory items coming in and going out of each facility daily, keeping real-time count of those items is important to your bottom line.  Should each facility use their own tracking processes to prepare reports to the procurement team, managers could be looking at old or erroneous data the moment they get it.  Physical counts are often time consuming and inaccurate.  Then, combining individual inventory reports into a corporate-wide report could cause further delays and errors.  Bad inventory data can lead to poor procurement decisions – overstocking or expensive stock-outs.  These types of software glitches can be sabotaging your goals.  Get your teams and your software together with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

A powerful ERP solution can improve the collaboration between facilities, as well as streamline the inventory management process.  You can connect each of your facilities to the same ERP solution, enabling each individual facility to manage inventory in a single data-set.  You can track inventory by facility, as well as have an overall inventory count.  Having access to this information will make it easier for each facility to know what they have and what is available at other locations.  You can save money by not maintaining needlessly high stock levels – simply shift items from one facility to another instead.  An added benefit is tying inventory into financials to find new ways to improve the supply chain.  Learn when it may be best to order inventory in quantities that reduce costs or from suppliers that can give you price breaks. 

Complex manufacturing and distribution operations require hearty software solutions that can manage complicated operations, especially inventory management.  Control costs, improve productivity, and keep tight reins on inventory with a robust ERP solution.  Contact MIBAR.net for more information about the right ERP solution for your exact business needs.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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