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Small Distributors Can Now Have a Global Footprint

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Start-up distributors often begin with a small footprint, with a focus on providing a high quality product to their local community.  Working with other local businesses, usually face-to-face, strengthens their network of suppliers, vendors, and customers.  While it may feel safer and easier to think small and work locally, the world has become a much smaller place thanks to the internet, social media, and today’s evolving technology.  Now- a small distributor can benefit from other companies or customers on the other side of the world.

Larger, enterprise distributors have the knowledge, experience, and the budget to work with companies located in countries across the globe.  They have learned how to procure products or services that may be of higher quality or less expensive than what they may find locally.  A small distributor is just as capable at successfully procuring raw materials or using services in other countries.  With a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® AX, proper warehouse management solutions and a little global research, a small distributor can expand their footprint, as well as save costs and grow their customer base.

Look into your supply chain and evaluate real-time costs associated with inventory, manufacturing or distribution operations, and sales.  Once you analyze the true costs of doing business with these suppliers, you can determine where and how to make improvements.  By expanding your network of suppliers, you might find suppliers that can provide similar or complementary products at lower prices, higher quality, or quicker than your current suppliers.  Some raw materials and labor is less expensive in other parts of the world and shipping inventory or products to your facilities may not be as expensive as you may think.  In addition, as you branch out into other regions or other countries, you may also find a new customer base for your products.

Just because you are a small distributor doesn’t mean you need to think small.  More supply chain control and insight can give you the confidence to expand your reach using suppliers and satisfying customers in any part of the world.  Contact McLane Logistics Technology for more information about Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management to increase your global footprint:


By McLane Logistics Technology, Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management Solutions Provider

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