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Simplification of Warehouse Management Reporting

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Simplification of Warehouse Management Reporting

Making the right business decision requires data from collaborative reporting and every Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) utilizes a different strategy when considering how to generate reports and barcode labels throughout their application.   Appolis has committed to the Microsoft technology stack and this includes utilization of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for generating real-time reports, hardcopy reports, process documents and barcode labeling to meet your requirements, all within the WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse Solution.   This provides numerous benefits for our clients including:

Microsoft SSRS allows for elimination of 3rd Party products for report and barcode label generation

  • Most vendors utilize separate solutions for:
    • Online reporting – real-time reporting and chart generation from all aspects of the WithoutWire Warehouse Solution
    • Document generation –real-time document generation, both for standard inventory reports (on-hand inventory) and process documents (Bill of Lading (BOL), Packing List, etc…)
    • Barcode label generation – real-time label and barcode label generation from both the Web Base Management Console and the Windows Mobile handheld devices on the floor

Ease of Report Modifications

  • Standard Microsoft tools for creating and modifying all system reports and barcode label generation.
    • Allowing for modifying all system reports through standard tools
    • Allows for client or partner resources to create or modify reports throughout the solution without having to rely on Appolis for all these activities

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Built within Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
    • Does not require installation of additional 3rd party products for reporting and barcode generation
    • Single source for ongoing maintenance costs
    • Single resource for ongoing support requirements
    • Generate reports utilizing data from multiple sources
    • Lower development costs by utilizing existing skill sets

Utilization of Dynamics GP Business Analyzer

Report Migration

  • Easy ability to save and move report data in multiple formats including xml files, excel documents, pdf’s, etc…
  • Standard process to migrate your existing reports and barcode labels from other applications

In Conclusion, warehouse management and inventory automation systems handle large volumes of very detailed and business critical data, but most of these systems are designed from the capture perspective and do not focus on how to easily allow this information to be shared across the enterprise.   WithoutWire™ Warehouse from Appolis was designed to utilize Microsoft SQL Reporting Services from the beginning to allow this sharing of information to happen seamlessly and with existing skills sets within most organizations.   For more information please visit:

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