Saving the Environment as well as your Business: Document Management

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We are constantly reminded about how our actions affect the environment, even in our business. In addition to the pressures we already feel with the current economy, we need to streamline our carbon emissions and reduce the use of paper and hard-copy documents. Although it may sound like another pain that has to be dealt with, it is actually an opportunity to streamline your entire business.

An efficient document management system helps reduce the amount of paper being produced by the organization. But it also helps to automate business processes such as document delivery and retrieval through document imaging.

ImageTag, Inc. has your back with KwikTag®, a leading solution for transactional content management to improve business processes without changing them. KwikTag is the only imaging capture, workflow, storage, and management solution fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and AX ERP solutions, providing full visibility to the entire business process and bringing the integration capabilities to the next level for your manufacturing business.

For example, let’s say you have a document that needs to be shared with multiple people within your organization. Re-printing of this one document not only hurts the environment, it is a drain on your time, money, and resources. With KwikTag, other employees can search and open the imaged documents simultaneously. You can even email disputed documents to your external suppliers.

Thousands of companies are managing their paper with KwikTag document imaging software and reaping the benefits of their new digital assets. These case studies and customer testimonials represent some of the typical deployments of KwikTag software, but there are many more!

By ImageTag, a Document Management Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner

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