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The Right Accounting Software for Specialty Chemical Distribution Company

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A multinational corporation with years of success under their belt, Thor specializes in distributing chemicals like flame retardants, biocides, and personal care ingredients.

Thor uses Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software. Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped this company to save money, work more efficiently, and handle a 30% increase in business smoothly and without adding staff.

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Straightforward and Easy to Use

Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven to be a straightforward accounting system that is easy and simple to use. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad the sales team has access to the same information as the accounting team to provide support and facilitate customer service to clients in a much better way for Thor.  Integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM gave the sales team even more information.

From the order entry process being more efficient, to the system itself being very intuitive and user friendly, it allows anybody to pick it up in a very short amount of time, and creates a space where a high quality and efficient amount of work can get done on a large scale.

Low Cost Efficiency with Flexible Workflow

Possibly the best and most positive development with Thor’s use of Dynamics GP is the low cost of the software program – both initially, and in saving money in the long run. Thor saved more than $150,000 in the first year alone using Dynamics GP, while still seeing a 30% increase in business that their new software system was able to handle with ease.

Additionally, Thor’s customer service and logistics employees noted that they didn’t need to modify their workflow or procedures to fit the software, which is no doubt a solid benefit to the system. It speaks directly to the system’s efficiency, and how the software can be made flexible enough to fit nearly any company of any size, and with any needs.

Customized Reports

In the past Thor used a custom reporting system to be able to produce specific reports their management team wanted to see. CAL Business Solutions was able to build these reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP. The report took about 10 hours to build, but it saves them more than $13,000 a year on license fees from the old system they no longer use.

In all, Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software has greatly helped Thor increase business, decrease costs, and make their accounting and sales processes much more efficient. With high quality accounting software, you can take on bigger jobs, larger clients, and much, much more complicated cases – all while leaving the accounting and finance to be done easily, intuitively, and smoothly on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Distribution

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