Reinventing Your Supply Chain

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Changes in technology make it a little easier for us to think “outside of the box” when it comes to using the supply chain to our advantage.  You can reinvent your supply chain – think flexible and non-traditional – to cut costs, boost profit margins, and strengthen customer relationships.  Introduce an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP (, to strengthen your supply chain so that you can cut costs, without cutting corners.

Changing customer demands, marketplace challenges, and the need to remain competitive are forcing businesses to rethink how they conduct business.  An agile business, one that can readily adapt to changing conditions, is the one to not only make it through these challenges, but also thrive.  One way to introduce agility is through technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.  An integrated solution that manages finances, manufacturing operations, supply chain data, inventory, and other core business functions will put your most useful information at your fingertips, enabling you to make the swift decisions that drive growth.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can give you greater control and insight over your supply chain by automating supplier communication, monitoring changes in inventory levels, and knowing where to get high quality inventory at the best prices.  You can safely operate with leaner inventory, and save money from over-stocking the warehouse, by using Microsoft Dynamics GP to monitor inventory levels.  While price may be the first thing to consider when ordering inventory, timing is the second consideration.  Identify customer buying habits, such as regular replenishment orders, and make more accurate inventory forecasts.  Paying close attention to inventory levels, and knowing how quickly your suppliers can respond to your orders, will give you the flexibility to order the inventory you need, when you need it, instead of over-stocking the warehouse. This agility will enable you to respond faster to customers, giving you an edge over competitors, as well as control costs.

Your supply chain can provide a valuable competitive advantage by improving your ability to respond quickly to changing customer demands, maintain a high-level of personalized customer service, while also improving productivity and cutting costs.

Use today’s powerful technology to gain insight and control over your supply chain and drive business growth.  Contact Socius for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how you can reinvent your supply chain.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner (

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