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Don’t Be Blindsided By Data, Be Proactive To Drive Growth

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Waiting for business data to show up on your desk can lead to unexpected surprises. It’s difficult to plan for the future when you are reacting to last quarter’s data. In order to stay ahead of competitors in the fast-paced distribution marketplace, you need quick access to real-time data and the support of an intuitive business management system.

There is nothing slow about the distribution industry. Customers are clamoring for products and market situations can change on a moment’s notice. Staying on top of economic conditions, trending products, and customer demands requires your close attention and a business management solution that can deliver the right information when you need it. You can’t rely on disparate specialty software or home-grown spreadsheets or databases. A strong, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can get you closer to your data and faster, so you can respond faster to changes in the marketplace.

You can manage all of your business data from within a single, powerful ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Managing finances, supply chain and inventory, sales and order activities, and other core business operations from a centralized solution makes it easier to enter and find the data that you need to make swift business decisions. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers built-in business intelligence that draws on your real-time data and provides insight into your key metrics. RoleTailored dashboards can highlight important financial data, sales data, or inventory levels, for example. You can then dig deeper into these metrics to see what is contributing to these figures. The more you can learn about business operations, the better you can leverage this data to your competitive advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers features tailored for distribution businesses such as streamlined sales order processing, flexible pricing schedules, logistics from pick/pack/shipping processes through delivery, returns management, traceability, and other functions that can strengthen control and insight throughout your business. There are also other industry-specific features such as lot and batch tracking for perishable goods.

You can either be blindsided by your data or harness your data and use it to drive growth. Contact Empower Business Solutions to learn how to be proactive with your business data by using an integrated, ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Empower Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner out of Pennsylvania

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