Re-engineering Processes Because of Distribution Software: Good or Bad Idea?

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When implementing new distribution software or making a software upgrade, business processes are affected in a number of ways.  The idea is to improve productivity and make it easier for your employees to enter and use important business data.  While you may need to switch up how you might do a few things, you want a solution that works with you, not against you.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with distribution management, warehouse management, or other specialized solutions should make it easier to control these operations and leverage insight to make improvements and drive growth.  However, sometimes software can be so complicated that it makes your employee’s jobs harder, rather than easier.  As such, it’s important to find a solution that works the way you work.

A comprehensive ERP solution, like those offered in the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP suite of solutions, is integrated and includes management capabilities for financials, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, payroll and human resources, and other functions.  These solutions also offer business intelligence and powerful reporting features that make it easier to provide data to management, shareholders, and regulatory agencies.  This particular line of ERP offerings are just as easy to learn as they are to use.  They have the look and feel of the other commonly used Microsoft products, so users are immediately comfortable with the similar menus, buttons, and features.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as computers in the office.  Furthermore, you can customize each user’s display with a RoleTailored interface.  This makes it even easier for users to find the features they need and hide the features they won’t use.  Users can improve productivity and feel at ease entering data when key functions are, literally, at their fingertips.

Implementing a new ERP or distribution management solution is likely to change how your employees find and enter important business data.  However, the solutions should make it easier and quicker for your employees to do their jobs and for you to get the data you need to drive your business.  If your new business solutions are complicated, your employees will be frustrated and may not enter data properly, if at all.  As a result, you will end up with bad data which can lead to poor decisions.  Contact Socius to find the right technology for your business and one that will support your processes, not hinder them.

By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Ohio

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