Quantity Vs. Quality In Your Supply Chain

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Every day your company makes hundreds of decisions about which suppliers and vendors you work with and how to get your products to market in the quickest, most affordable way possible.  Even the simplest of decisions are often based on data obtained from your business software.  You might have a great deal of data to weed through to help you make the decisions that drive growth, however, bad data will lead to bad decisions.  The right technology will take your vast amount of data and provide you with reliable data that you need to make the smart decisions.

The first thing to do to improve the accuracy of your data is to ditch the separate, specialty software programs for a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP (  Using specialty software and spreadsheets invites delays in getting the data you need and is ripe for human error.  Entering data into one program, then into another and yet another, increases your risk for typos and other simple data-entry errors.  For example, putting the comma or decimal point in the wrong spot, even by accident, can create a landslide of bad decisions.

ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, offer the ability to manage your core business operations, including finances, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, among others.  Integrated software reduces the need for redundant data-entry which protects the integrity of your data.  It also makes it easier for you to review real time data, when you need it, without asking managers for weekly reports or updates.  You can make quick decisions about inventory, manufacturing schedules, or customer orders, without waiting for your team to drop what they are doing and weed through spreadsheets for data.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers robust business intelligence features and reporting options.  Evaluate supply chain data to determine which vendors are able to provide quicker service, better pricing options, or higher quality products.  Analyze your customer buying habits to streamline inventory management or optimize your supply chain relationships.  Knowing when to buy raw materials and in certain quantities can save cash and improve profit margins.  Maintaining leaner inventory levels, without risking stock-outs, can also protect your cash flow so you can make capital improvements or take advantage of new opportunities.

The right ERP software solution can provide both the control and the insight you need to protect the quality of the quantity of data you use to make the decisions that drive growth.  Bad data can lead to costly mistakes, while good data can take your business to the next level.  Contact OmniVue for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can improve the quality of your data so you can get your products to the marketplace with greater efficiency and profitability or check out our resources:


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