Putting 2 and 2 Together to Equal Success

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Complex distribution companies require powerful software to manage the many aspects of their operations.  A great deal of data can be generated and used by a distribution company to drive business growth.  To get the most out of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you need to know how to put 2 and 2 together to determine how to make those important decisions.

Distributors have a lot going on each and every day.  Satisfying customers while managing vendors and supply chain, controlling inventory, and staying ahead of competition requires a lot of agility and knowhow.  The right ERP software solution can get you started, but it’s what you do with it that matters.  Most comprehensive ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, can manage finances, manufacturing, project and services management, sales and marketing, supply chain, as well as provide business intelligence and reporting functionality.  It’s the business intelligence and reporting features that can really provide the insight into your business if you are collecting and reviewing the right information.

Inventory has to be one of the biggest moving targets that distributors have to control.  Too much inventory ties up cash flow and too little can impact customer service.  Food and beverage inventory can quickly expire right off the shelves in the warehouse causing a great deal of waste.  Your buffer inventory or the volume of “must have” inventory changes with customer buying habits, seasons, and other marketplace fluctuations.  Instead of guessing at what inventory you have to have on hand, you can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to give you a more accurate forecast.  You can use real time inventory data, instead of waiting for time-consuming physical counts, as well as historical data to narrow down the level of buffer inventory you need to have on hand to satisfy your customer orders.  Having your sights on that moving target can improve cash flow and lead to greater customer service.

If your ERP software solution isn’t capturing all of the data you need to make important decisions, then you have faulty data that could create problems instead of spur growth.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV will capture all of your critical data, as well as provide powerful business intelligence so you have the confidence that you are making the right decisions.  The more visibility you have into your business operations, the more agility you will have to handle the many changes that distributors face every day.  Contact Aztec Systems for more information about an ERP solution that can help you put 2 and 2 together to equal success.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Partner out of Texas

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