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Prepare For Recalls Before You Have To Execute One

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General Motors has been in the spotlight in recent weeks due to a major recall of a defective ignition switch linked to at least 13 deaths.  Due to the serious nature of this recall, the government is involved and lawsuits are likely in the works.  Recalling nearly 2.6 million cars to replace faulty ignition switches or any other part for that matter is no easy task.  Whether you are replacing car parts or recalling contaminated spinach, you need to have a plan and the technology already in place to get you through the process swiftly and efficiently.

Manufacturers of all different types of products are under increasing pressure to maintain clear, precise records for their finished products.  In many cases, businesses must collect data regarding raw materials, how those items may be transported or stored, expiration dates for food and other items that have shelf lives, manufacturing and handling operations, and the customers that buy those products.  Even the most simple of assembled items can generate a large volume of data that cannot be neatly organized in spreadsheets or databases.  In the case of a recall, trying to find part numbers in a spreadsheet and associate those products with shipping and customer data in another spreadsheet could be time-consuming and inaccurate (or literally impossible in GM’s case).

Be prepared for a recall by using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to organize supplier and inventory data.  With a robust solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you can maintain records for raw materials, bills of materials, finished parts, and other essential details about your handling and manufacturing processes.  You can designate part numbers and use bar codes and other automated procedures for tracking items from the warehouse, through the assembly line, and into the hands of your customers.  The quicker you can find out which products are affected by a recall, the quicker you can gather up the defective parts that are left in-house, as well as the parts that are in transit or have reached customers.

In order to protect the health and safety of your customers, speed is always of the essence in a recall situation.  Recalls can result in financial and reputation damage, as well as emotional damage as in the case of the families involved in the current GM recall.  Contact Collins Computing for additional guidance on being prepared for a recall before you have to experience one.

By Collins Computing, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner out of California

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