You weathered the economic storm and it looks like the proverbial sun is coming out again. It’s all good, right? But wait – this means an upswing in new clients, orders and shipments may be just around the corner. You’ve … Read more


Top 10 Acronyms and Terms Used in Business Intelligence

An acronym can be a very beneficial thing, getting straight to the point and saving typing time.  It can also be very frustrating, resulting in miscommunication throughout an organization.  For example, if the person you’re sending an email to about … Read more


Why Does the Wholesale Distribution Industry Grow Faster than the Rest?

According to the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, the wholesale distribution industry continues to grow faster than the overall U.S. economy during the recent economic expansion. In 2007, revenues of wholesaler-distributors increased 3.7 percentage points more than U.S. Gross Domestic … Read more


One of the greatest misconceptions in the software industry is that manufacturing software is manufacturing software and that there are no differences in manufacturing products on the market. That is not true – let me share my perspective on the … Read more


Business Intelligence–Why Not?

Business intelligence provides insights that impact your bottom line. With high-value information that is timely, accurate, and actionable, decision makers can steer the company to higher profits. So why doesn’t every company use some sort of business intelligence?

U.S. manufacturing may help sustain economic recovery, as the U.S. housing market faces a slowdown after the expiration of homebuyer tax credits. “The manufacturing recovery is continuing at a pretty rapid pace into the middle of the year,” an economist … Read more


UAE Food Firm Boosts Productivity by 40 Percent with Business Management System

Foodco Holding, a prominent food distributor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), wanted new business management software to support its standalone business units more effectively. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner eSolutions Dynamics recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0. Productivity increased by 40 percent in the accounts, payroll, and HR teams, while senior managers receive daily performance reports and comply more easily with stock exchange rules.




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