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Overcoming QuickBooks Limitations in Food Distribution

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Just as QuickBooks is a leading software provider for small business accounting, Microsoft Dynamics is a market leader for midsize businesses.  Microsoft Dynamics GP helps organizations manage business growth and change with a solution that includes:

  • More than twice the built-in functionality than QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools, integrated with the Microsoft Office
  • A technology foundation designed to handle the workload, user counts, and security requirements of mid-size organizations.

Do you have customers that have multiple ship-to addresses with multiple accounts?  What if one of your customers sent in a single check to pay for invoices across several of your customer accounts? Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy to apply the check and provide the customer with a single account statement across your companies.

And if you are food distributor using QuickBooks, you’ve probably experienced other limitations.  For instance…How does QuickBooks handle catchweights?  The answer is – it doesn’t.  If you want to track catchweights (and food distributors need this information to bill correctly), then you are doing it manually.  By hand.  On every invoice.  Imagine the time your staff could save if your system handled catchweights.

As a result, top food distributors are investing in Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to grow their business and do more with less staff – making every fraction of a penny count during this tough economy.

And to help you save even more, Empower Business Solutions is excited to announce participation in Microsoft’s ‘Give Me 5’ Promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP!  Under the terms of this offer, new Microsoft Dynamics GP customers can license a total of 5 user licenses for ONLY $3,000!  This is a savings of up to $16,990 off the retail list price.

By Empower Business Solutions, a Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner with extensive food distribution experience.

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