Opening A New Storefront? Keep Your Shelves Stocked With ‘Retail Store Planner’

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When customers walk through your store, you don’t want to see them walk out empty-handed because of poor stocking decisions. Learn how to keep the right products on your shelves, in the ideal quantities, without breaking the bank by implementing the Retail Store Planner (RSP) by RockySoft.

How can you be confident in the type and quantities of items that you choose for your store shelves? Even with the best marketing efforts, you may not end up selling what you have on the shelves and could still disappoint customers by not having what they wanted.  Gain greater insight into stocking decisions by adding RSP to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Whether you are opening your second storefront or the 20th, you can use Retail Store Planner to centralize planning for each location.  This fully integrated solution connects data from demand forecasting strategies and inventory goals and turns that data into insight that you can use to make prudent and profitable stocking decisions.  You can generate inventory forecasts including seasonal or other fluctuations, calculate the maximum and minimum settings for shelf facings, and consider special planning for promotional items.  RSP also integrates data from Point of Sale (POS) systems and can be used with handheld devices for inventory tracking.

Retail Store Planner draws on your real-time inventory and sales data and offers suggestions for replenishment based on store/item levels, forecasting scenarios, on hands, and replenishment goals.

  • Since it is centralized, RSP can create replenishment scenarios based on individual store-level and can streamline ordering across retail entities.
  • Add to that equation the minimum order levels that are often required for transportation and RSP can assist with optimizing transportation planning so you can save money on freight costs.
  • Your team can also enter restocking suggestions into RSP from handheld devices.
  • Your store managers can review the RSP order suggestions and accept the suggestions or make changes and place orders accordingly.

Keeping shelves stocked with the right inventory, in the right quantities, at the right time is challenging. Contact RockySoft to learn more about making prudent inventory decisions, satisfying your customers, and protecting your bottom line with RSP and other inventory management solutions.

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft, Microsoft Dynamics software provider for demand planning

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