Now’s the Time to Streamline Your Warehouse Management with EDI Software

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If you’re struggling with warehouse management and the sending/receiving of transactions, then it may be time to transition to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  EDI is the transmission of various data by electronic or automatic means, and in the context of warehouse management, EDI is often sought for streamlining orders, picking, shipping notices, and invoices.

EDI provides a more accurate tool to manage data, workflows, vendors and customers, and more.  You can map transactions and search for specific products or transactions easier than with spreadsheets and notes.  Often, EDI software offers email or text message notifications so you know when you receive a transaction or an acknowledgement is sent when you send a transaction to a customer.  All transactions are logged so that you can analyze data for trends.  Having greater communication with your customers and providing them with automated order and delivery options will go a long way to strengthen business relationships.

EDI can be tied into ERP software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  Working within the accounting system, it automatically processes orders into invoices, reducing the chance for human error from having to manually re-enter data.  It will also reduce the opportunity for charge-backs.  By streamlining transaction processing, the accounting department can control accounts payables and receivables, as well as collections.  It also increases productivity with accounting and warehouse employees.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an EDI add-on module that is helping businesses solidify relationships with big box companies.  Larger companies are beginning to require EDI software for distribution because it improves accuracy of orders, invoicing, and helps them track delivery locations and arrival times.

Anytime you add automation and software to manual processes, you should quickly see improvement in productivity and accuracy.  What used to take hours to document in spreadsheets and paper files can be quickly automated in software, saving time and improving customer service.  If you are ready to implement EDI in your warehouse, please contact MIBAR.net for options.

By Jory Weissman with MIBAR.net, New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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