Not All Manufacturers Are The Same And Neither Is Your ERP

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There are different kinds of manufacturers and manufacturing operations, including process manufacturing, discreet manufacturing, and possibly even a mix of the two.  No matter what operations you have going on, you need a business management solution that can provide the control and insight you need at every step in the process.  The right business technology can streamline operations, improve productivity, and optimize your profitability.

Manufacturers of all types need to keep close attention on inventory and processes, as well as productivity and profitability.  Process manufacturers need control over formulas and batches, the ability to monitor yields and losses, and maintain data pertaining to material content including trace ingredients.  Discrete manufacturers may be more concerned with bills of materials, especially those that may be altered or customized to meet customer needs.  There are many types of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available in the marketplace; however, the trick is choosing the one that meets your unique business needs.  Just as you want to choose the right tool for the job, you want to choose the right ERP solution for your business.  Here are tips for finding an ERP solution that is aligned with your business needs and goals:

  1. Outline your needs and wants: Put to paper details pertaining to your business operations including processes, data needs, and what you need to learn about your manufacturing business. Consider future goals and plans that may change the course of operational or data needs.
  2. Choose an experienced software provider: You know your business and software providers know software. An experienced software provider can provide information about potential ERP solutions that match your business needs and budget. They can also provide examples of deployments for similar types of manufacturers.
  3. Test drive and go live: Test out your ERP options with real data and choose the solution that best meets your needs. Train your team and put the solution to work.

Several ERP platforms offer the flexibility to grow and change as your business grows and changes.  The ideal ERP solution should work the way you work, providing the efficiency and productivity that you need to drive profits.  Contact MIBAR.net for more information about choosing and deploying the ERP solution that can take your business to new heights.

By MIBAR.net, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Greater New York

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