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No Nonsense Set-up Features in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013

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The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 ( offers many new features and enhancements designed to improve the user experience.  Collins Computing has heard from many of their consultants and one of the favorite features (as expressed by customers) in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 seems to be the ease of creating a new user and setting security and other user preferences.

In our short Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Video, we describe step-by-step how to set-up a new user.  From the dropdown menu, click on Tools, Setup, System, and User to begin inputting new user data.  An even shorter way to get to the user input page is to use the Navigation Pane for Administration and click on User.  Short and sweet!

The corporate password will be needed before new users can be created, which limits the ability for just anyone to grant access to new or existing employees.  You can use your own corporate password policy to define how each user creates their individual password.  Make passwords as challenging as you choose by using length, symbols, or other criteria.  You can use Class ID to define users and assign roles, such as accounting manager, for your new user.

Two new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 include the ability to define a Full or Limited user, meaning they have access to all of or part of your business data, and defining the status of the new user as Active, Inactive, or Lesson Users.  The Inactive users may be restricted by roles, companies, or specific tasks, or are simply unable to access the software.  Lesson Users only have access to Sample Companies so they can practice or conduct training sessions on the software without having access to real corporate data.

The Collins Computing video also provides instructions on how to copy, change, and save user data, and how to print user summaries.  The user summaries include all of the security access and individual preferences defined for each user.  This information will come in handy when managers assign tasks or responsibilities to their team or need to find out who has access to certain company information, for example.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offers many new ways to input and access your business data.  Be sure to watch this short video about setting up new users and check out the rest of our YouTube channel ( for more tips and tricks for getting to know each of the new features in this updated solution.

By Collins Computing, California Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner (

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