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Multi-Site Clinics Encounter Multiple Challenges

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Look inside a healthcare facility and you’ll find a busy office struggling to manage resources, financial transactions and navigate challenging regulatory requirements. Managing multiple healthcare facilities can be even more challenging, especially when each facility utilizes disparate business software. Strengthen your enterprise and streamline operations with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to support these challenging business conditions.

3 Ways to Tame Multi-Site Challenges with ERP

A growing healthcare network can be difficult to manage efficiently. In addition to multiple legal entities, each facility could have different reporting and compliance requirements. Tracking financial information, inventory needs, and patient data for each location using disparate systems only adds to the complication. Gain the insight and control you need over a growing healthcare network by replacing disparate systems with a single, integrated ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Here are three ways Microsoft Dynamics GP can streamline common multi-site challenges:

  1. Strengthen financial management: Organizations with multiple legal entities need to manage financial transactions for each location, as well as the corporation as a whole. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the ability to manage accounts, vendors and employees for each entity, while maintaining strong financial visibility for the entire organization.
  2. Improve productivity: Workflows and web-based services can streamline common tasks, such as processing requisitions for inventory or creating purchase orders. Web-based applications connect your people to key data, from any location, which saves valuable time and strengthens resource management.
  3. Gain control over materials management: The volume of materials that can be used within a healthcare network can be significant and expensive. Strong inventory management is necessary for controlling costs and reducing waste. Certain inventory items also require specific handling and storage requirements and are subject to regulatory compliance, like radioactive or controlled substances. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers strong inventory management and control, product traceability, and the ability to track the entire life cycle of a product.

Managing multiple locations using disparate systems is time-consuming and risky. Redundant data entry between systems not only takes time, it can lead to mistakes. Modern business management solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, can provide the control and insight needed to manage multiple locations with greater productivity and accuracy. Contact The Resource Group for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP to reduce costs and increase efficiency as your healthcare network continues to grow.

By The Resource Group, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Washington

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