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Move Your Supply Chain from Wagon Trains to the 21st Century with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Supply Chain problems affect the entire company. If you don’t have the products that your customers want, when they want them, that is a problem. If this is a concern in your business, a lesson from the past may help you see what is necessary to succeed today.

Imagine having a business in San Francisco, USA, in the 1860’s. There is plenty of money to go around because of the recent gold rush, so your business does well. But what does it take to get supplies? Mail typically takes months to cross the country, and supplies come by incredibly slow wagon freight, which doesn’t travel at all in the wintertime. Talk about supply chain problems!

But things change fast, and you move with the changes. Despite extra cost, you use Pony Express, which, in 1860, began delivering mail between the East and West Coast of the United States in only 10 days. In 1861, the transcontinental telegraph makes ordering supplies even faster, so you switch to that. Starting in 1869 the transcontinental railroad delivers those supplies much more quickly. Grasping the future, you adjust quickly to these changes, and your business thrives.

Fast forward to the 21st-century. Internet communication is instant; wagons have been replaced by trucks, shipping containers, and air transport. Yet we still have logistic problems. However, just as in the 1860’s, we also have new, innovative ways of resolving them. One exciting development is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which streamlines and integrates all phases of business, including the supply chain, to automatically make your business more dynamic, constantly adapting to current realities. Microsoft Dynamics, for example, provides custom software solutions for businesses, with some reporting a 50% reduction in administration costs, and a 15% increase in new customers.

Much has changed since the wagon trains. Although the 1860’s saw dramatic changes, they only solved some of the problems. Today, changing to the right ERP solution for your business can relieve virtually all of them! If you willing to keep up with change, your business will stay on top of its game and keep its customers happy.

To learn how Dynamics ERP  can really make a difference in your business, see “5 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Dynamic.


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