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Modern Technology for Business Growth with Dynamics

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I speak to small to medium sized businesses on a daily basis.  Most of these companies are distributors and/or manufacturers and desperately need to modernize their business software and network infrastructure.  One of the biggest pains that I hear is that the system is not visible to the people that need to see the data. This also means that someone in the company is spending a lot of time on the phone with salesman and even customers trying to find out if they have inventory in stock to sell or if an order has shipped.  The other major pain is that the data is corrupt and no one trusts the inventory numbers.   Not only are these companies losing productivity but they are probably losing business too.   Why would you run your company like this?

Dynamics GP software is affordable and does not need customized and it can solve these two pains and so much more!  Companies can deploy in the cloud or have a partner like CIS host it so there are no hardware or internal IT costs.  Even if you are not big on the cloud, then have your partner ‘host’ your software at your office!  The partner is still responsible for the server and even the workstations so you don’t have to deal with an IT person.  Check out this whitepaper on ERP Deployment Scenarios: What’s Right for My Business.

I am always looking for whitepapers and information to send to companies that do not understand how technology can help them grow.  I found a really good paper on a Microsoft site: Modern Technology for Business Growth.

Here are a few topics in the document to help you make the case for new technology at your business:

  • Up-to-Date Technology Propels Productivity
  • Attract and Retain Customers
  • Uncover (and Overcome) Hidden Inefficiencies
  • Removing Employee Frustration
  • Addressing Security Concerns
  • Assessing Technology Needs
  • Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Right now is the time to evaluate software for your distribution and/or manufacturing company.  Dynamics GP is on sale until June 24, 2014.  Contact me, [email protected] or your local partner to find out pricing for your business.

Nancy Phillippi, Sales and Marketing Manager at Custom Information Services (CIS) for Microsoft Dynamics GP.   CIS is a Dynamics GP Silver ERP Partner located in North Texas.  CIS also offers Managed IT and Network Services.  Call Nancy at 817-640-0016.

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