Microsoft Dynamics GP Will Help Grow Your Business Without Adding Staff

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Distribution companies have a myriad of data to capture and monitor from supply chain to customer needs.  Whether you have a handful of products or dozens, one location or several, you can grow your business and become more profitable with the right software and without adding to the headcount.

Controlling inventory, monitoring sales fulfillments, and providing superior customer service is a delicate balancing act for most distribution companies.  Since these are some of the most critical of operations that can have the biggest impact on financials, it may be tempting to use specialty software to manage each operation separately.  However, using disparate software programs takes more time and costs more money to manage than a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  It is also likely to require sophisticated IT staff to manage licensing and troubleshooting for several software applications, as well as the staff needed to operate that software.

Using a single ERP software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, is more efficient than using disparate, specialty software programs.  This comprehensive ERP software solution will provide greater control over distribution channels and increase productivity, as well as profitability.  Like other commonly used Microsoft software, Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to use and will reduce the time spent by employees keying in data from one application to another.  Integrating functions will streamline data collection and make it easier to find and share data.  In addition, you will reduce the chance for data-entry errors when you can automatically share information from inventory to order fulfillment to invoicing.

Maintaining too much inventory will eat up valuable cash flow and you risk customer satisfaction by not having enough inventory.  You will find it easier to control inventory, as well as optimize cash flow, with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Linking inventory levels with actual and historical sales will enable you to optimize the stock you have on hand.  Identifying trends in customer buying habits or with seasonal sales will give you a better idea on how much inventory to have and when to have it.  In addition, focusing on your best-selling products or top customers will lead to new business opportunities which will drive business growth.

Integrating all of your distribution operations into Microsoft Dynamics GP will streamline operations, and give you greater control over inventory and order fulfillment.  Improving productivity, without adding staff, and maintaining optimal inventory levels will lead to improved profitability and increase customer satisfaction – all by using the right ERP software solution for your distribution company.  Contact Aztec Systems for more information about driving business growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Supply Chain Partner out of Texas

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