Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Connects Manufacturing and Financial Data

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a great financial management solution, but it is also great for manufacturing data management.  The enhancements in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP make it even more so.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a robust business intelligence solution that is proven to work successfully with many types of businesses, including the manufacturing industry.  Manufacturing requires a lot of data management from supply chain to sales and customer management to accounting and more.  Microsoft Dynamics GP can organize all the data into one location so you have better control of the supply chain, product life cycles, customer demand, and remain competitive using this real-time data.

Tracking supply chain information is one of the biggest challenges for manufactures, and also one of the most important elements to control.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will provide greater visibility into procurement, inventory tracking, and vendor management.  Having accurate real time data on all aspects of your supply chain will help you to optimize inventory so that you always have the inventory needed, when you need it.

Knowing the true costs of your product line is made easier with the Job Costing feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The software will capture all of the costs related to a product so you can determine product profitability.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is also very flexible and will adapt to the changes that often occur in manufacturing.  You can create custom pricing as customers modify their orders.  Making adjustments to the components and reviewing changes to orders is made easier with the Engineering Change Management feature.  Microsoft Dynamics GP can track customer changes, helping you create accurate quotes, and provide the top quality customer service that is demanded today.

Tracking the life cycle of your entire product line, from procurement to product delivery, can create a mountain of critical data.  With Microsoft GP, you can track all the relevant data needed to manage inventory, streamline the manufacturing process, and quickly respond to changes in the product cycle.  With such in-depth data tracking, there is no wonder why manufacturers are choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP for their business management solutions.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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