Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reduces Implementation and Deployment Time

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Many distributors are hesitant to implement new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or make upgrades because they don’t want to experience any down time.  Down time means lost money, so naturally this would be a large concern.  However, the right technology can reduce implementation time, which will put you on the right path toward saving money in the short term and the long term.

Choosing the right ERP software solution is the first step in getting up and running quickly.  Your solution should work the way your business works and capture the information that you need it to capture.  Unless your software solution fits like a glove, then you won’t get any closer to improving productivity or saving money.  Microsoft Dynamics® ERP includes several solutions to choose from, that are scalable and flexible to match your business needs.  Choose the features that coordinate with your current business operations, and add features as your business grows and changes.

Once you have found the right Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for your business needs, you can work with your software provider to implement the solution using on-premise or cloud deployment.  Cloud deployments can often be completed faster because you don’t need to install new hardware or schedule your IT staff to install hardware or software.  The Rapid Implementation Tools offered by Microsoft can also get you on the fast track to completion.  A Rapid Configuration tool can be used to configure the setup for the core application.  This tool comes with over a dozen common industry templates or you can customize your own template in Microsoft Office Excel.  The Rapid Migration tool can then convert your data from several commonly-used accounting programs into the form needed to import it into the ERP solution.  Getting clean legacy data into the new ERP solution doesn’t mean you have to hand-key everything.  Your software provider can assist you with getting good data out of your legacy system and into your new ERP solution.

The faster you can get your ERP implemented, the faster you can reap the benefits from having the technology that can streamline operations, improve productivity, and boost profitability.  Your software provider can provide you with a solution that meets your business needs, fits your budget, and meets your timeframe.  Contact OmniVue for more information on deploying your Microsoft Dynamic ERP with minimal downtime, saving you time and money.

By OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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