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Manufacturing is Sustaining our Economy; How you can Optimize your Manufacturing Business

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U.S. manufacturing may help sustain economic recovery, as the U.S. housing market faces a slowdown after the expiration of homebuyer tax credits. “The manufacturing recovery is continuing at a pretty rapid pace into the middle of the year,” an economist at Nomura Securities International said, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. U.S. factories also have hired 126,000 workers since the beginning of the year, with 29,000 jobs added just in May.

Growth in the manufacturing industry is helping protect the economic recovery from a slowdown in housing following the expiration of the government tax credit, therefore keeping us afloat here in the U.S. Just like there are many facets to our economy, there are also many facets to keeping your manufacturing business afloat. Here are just three areas that need optimization in your business:

Inventory Management: Management of your inventory is critical to streamline in order to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods.

Inbound and Outbound Operations: A lot goes into what’s coming in and going out of your warehouse. For inbound operations, you need insight into your receivables, returns, what is put away and where it’s located and much more. For outbound operations, you need accurate tracking of your purchase orders, loading information, and shipment confirmations to name a few. The warehouse is a complicated place with many moving parts and it’s important to find a way to integrate and streamline these inbound and outbound operations.

Reporting: Your management needs to see what’s going on and in real time. Real time and integrated reporting gives you this capability across your organization. Reporting is an area of your manufacturing business that needs full attention as it gives you deeper insight in how to improve processes and fix mistakes much faster.

At Appolis, we believe there is an art to how you manage your inventory. Our solution process starts with a deep dive into your business challenges. Together, we create a vision for process optimization, combined with the science of our warehouse management solution, WithoutWire™ (WoW).

By Steve Dwyer of Appolis, Inc., a leading warehouse management Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner.

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