Manufacturers Pressured to do More Business Globally

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Despite economic, regulatory, and other uncertainties, manufacturers are feeling the pressure to go global in 2012.  When expanding operations, it’s important to maintain balance and communication between local and global facilities.  Using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like Microsoft Dynamics® GP can help you safely navigate the new waters that can help you grow your business.

Moving into the global economy is one way to find new customers and build up your supply chain.  However, it often introduces different currencies, taxes, and regulations.  Before jumping in feet first, plan and manage the new changes with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This comprehensive software can maintain consistency with operations and manage company-wide financials, provide visibility into your new and existing supply chain, as well as manage manufacturing operations and other processes in each of your locations.  Currency exchanges and tax differences can be accounted for in Microsoft Dynamics GP and the powerful reporting features will aid in regulatory reporting.

Tracking orders, production costs, and providing quality customer service is a challenge for one location.  When you have many locations, it’s even more of a challenge, unless you are using powerful software like Microsoft Dynamics GP to organize your data.  Engineer-to-order, make-to-order, or other manufacturing modes can all be captured within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Improve production operations at each location with more powerful inventory control and management.  Optimizing inventory will improve cash flow and reduce the loss from expired or outdated inventory.  Strengthen relationships with vendors and supply chain to negotiate better terms.  Better response from the supply chain will help you get your products to customers faster, improving customer relationships.

When moving into new geographic areas, the data you collect in Microsoft Dynamics GP will make it easier to respond to trends in the new markets and meet new customer demands.  Be prepared to expand into new regions to inevitably bring in more business.  Contact Socius for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can improve your manufacturing operations whether you have a single location or many.

By Socius, a Microsoft Gold Certified ERP partner out of Ohio

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