Manual Warehouse Management Processes No Longer Make Sense

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There are just too many suppliers, storage areas, and distribution channels to be managed by pen and paper. Automation makes it possible to manage your warehouse to the best of its ability and also helps you pinpoint areas in need of assistance, avoiding potential disasters. All in all, manual warehouse management processes are on the out, if not completely out the door already. Here are a few key areas where automation makes much more sense:


Meeting Consumer Demand– Consumers are more and more demanding in this day and age, forcing distributors to become more efficient in their processes. Distributors no longer have the time (not that they ever did) to manually enter orders or manually check stock for available product. It’s unlikely the consumer today will wait around to hear back, especially if they have a handful of other options that will meet their needs quicker and more effectively. Consumers also demand receiving their purchase next day, which makes the time from order to fulfillment very restricted. It doesn’t allow for any manual error or double/triple checking. Automation makes it possible to meet these demands, without the risk of manual errors.


Inventory Management– Major cost and time savings can be had by simply automating warehouse procedures. Sometimes you have perishable items on the shelves and need to know what product to ship out first to avoid losing money if you can’t beat the expiration dates. Automation makes this possible so the warehouse crew know what to do at any given place and time. The process is streamlined so they don’t make mistakes and inventory is stocked. It also helps companies prepare for seasonal trends or down periods. Automation provides insight into statistical data that helps plan inventory replenishment, making the most of your dollar.


As you can see, automation is essential for today’s distributor and you can make automation a possibility with Microsoft Dynamics® GP. We are a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of New York and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the product or how automation can streamline your warehouse management processes.


By Jory Weissman with MIBAR.net, New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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