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Manage your exceptions in a smarter way with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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There are many tools and processes to streamline your Distribution and Accounting functions within Microsoft Dynamics GP – but folks always ask us about the exceptions.  How can we be certain we are handling those ‘one-off’ orders, customers, or situations that don’t seem to fit within the workflow?

A simple module within Microsoft Dynamics GP exists that users usually think of as a “List Builder”, but in reality it can be used for so much more!  The Smartlist module – and it’s big brother “Smartlist Builder” can both be utilized to alert your departments to any ‘outstanding’ items, exception reports, or other ‘special’ customers you may need to pay extra attention to.

During the Microsoft Convergence 2012 customer conference there was a session dedicated to Tips on using Smartlists effectively – and those participants in attendance can download the Smartlist Session Powerpoint.  But for those that didn’t get a chance to attend the event, here are some examples and pointers to using the Smartlist tools to your advantage:

1.  Create Smartlists to come out Blank!  If there is something ON the list, that means you NEED to manually find out why its on the list.  It could be “Vendors with missing 1099 numbers”; “Orders open more than 60 days”; “Customers with overdue accounts” – or your specific ‘hole’.

2.  Compare Cross Company Transactions! Smartlist Builder can be used to read data across databases.  You can compare accounts, items, or customers across these companies to see a grand total or duplicates you might not have known you had.

3.  Export the data to an excel report, word document, or home page.  Users can be alerted to these ‘exceptions’ or ‘to do’ lists right on their home page, or sent off to a sharepoint folder or workflow point.

These are the areas we first introduce to our clients, but there are ‘sessions’ worth of information to share with you about using both the basic Smartlist Module and the Smartlist Builder Tool that we hope you have access to.  If you are not currently working with a Microsoft Dynamics partner, or need an expert to help you out, contact Collins Computing today to expand your processes to automate those ‘exceptions’ instead of finding them too late!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing – Experts in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics

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