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There are projects that are better left to the professionals.  Just because you can patch a hole in the drywall or install a new light fixture doesn’t mean you can build a whole new house.  When it comes time to implementing or upgrading your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, save yourself the time and trouble and leave this important task to the professionals.

Depending on the size of your business and your budget, you may be one of the luckier enterprises with the IT Department that puts other IT Departments to shame.  With your own in-house experts, it is possible to assemble the hardware, security, and maintenance plans to successfully implement an ERP solution.  However, many businesses simply just don’t have this level of IT expertise at hand, and it isn’t always needed.  There are experienced software providers, such as Microsoft’s extensive partner and ISV channel, which offer guidance, implementation services, and post-implementation support.

You are an expert in running your own business.  You have goals and policies and procedures that help you reach your goals.  You don’t need to be the expert when it’s time to implement an ERP solution.  Focus on your business goals and find an experienced software provider to get your ERP solution deployed properly.  Together, you can choose an ERP solution that will meet your business needs.  Matching features and functionalities that correspond with the business data you need to collect and analyze is an important first step.  Software providers are familiar with several of the leading ERP solutions and can help you find the solution that best matches your needs and goals.

You can deploy ERP in house, with your own hardware, or deploy in the cloud – eliminating the need for upfront hardware installations.  Once ERP is deployed, your software provider can conduct training sessions for the employees who will be using different elements of the software.  The software experts can teach your team on how to use the software properly and efficiently.  Begin collecting and analyzing the data you need to meet your strategic goals.

After implementation, work with your provider on follow-up training, software upgrades, software add-ons that are available or for help when there are technical difficulties.  They can notify you when updates are pending so you can minimize business interruption.  Later, as your business needs change, your provider can also customize your ERP solution with a variety of ISV solutions to ensure that your ERP is always aligned with your business needs.

Trying to be an expert at implementing an ERP solution can be a challenge that distracts you from running your business.  As a demand planning ISV for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, RockySoft Corporation can provide guidance on ERP implementation projects and help you keep sight of your business goals. Contact us for more information:

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft Corporation, demand planning ISV for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (


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