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Technology has come a long way from carbon copy order forms and telecoms to the back warehouse.  Today’s business software can streamline purchase orders, freeing you up from shuffling paper and making purchase orders more accurate.  In addition, software like Microsoft Dynamics® GP can streamline order management, ultimately boosting sales and keeping today’s customers happy.

It takes time to push papers through the office building and find the proper filing destination.  Sometimes the data on those papers require entry into accounting software programs, inventory software, payroll, or other spreadsheets managed by another department.  At any point throughout the handling of paperwork, or the critical data on it, you risk data-entry errors, information not getting to the right person in a timely manner, or other black holes that prevent important information from being handled appropriately.  Instead of pushing papers around, secure your important business information in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Instead of taking a customer order and then checking with inventory to see what’s in stock, talking with accounting to set up an invoice or purchase order, then forwarding copies to anyone else who needs to be in the know, you can input the order into Microsoft Dynamics GP once and track the order from there.  Improve productivity, as well as protect your data, by managing each customer order within this reliable software solution.  You can tailor orders to specific customer pricing, packing or shipping instructions, or other unique qualifiers that your customers may request.  Create kit items, or a group of items that might be sold as a single unit, and save time on customer orders and invoice generation.  You might also take this opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell items that are complementary to those in your customer order.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will streamline the purchase order process which will save you time, reduce the chance for errors with customer orders, and get your products in your customer’s hands quicker, as well as greater efficiency.

Today’s customers are technologically savvy and would prefer to work with a business that uses today’s technology, not yesterday’s carbon paper forms.  ERP software solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, will make it easier to manage orders and ensure that orders are fulfilled properly.  Contact Socius for more information about using today’s technology to improve productivity and keep your customers happy.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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