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It’s All in the Details: How to Import and Export with Ease

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The number of details you need to manage for your import/export business is endless. You need to closely monitor and track licensing and documentation, pay attention to cultural barriers, meet ethical standards, sell across a number of different distribution channels, adhere to exchange rates, deal with duty/tariffs and customs and more. As overwhelming as these details may seem, these details also run your business and cannot be ignored.

The key to managing your import and export business with ease is insight -plain and simple. But comprehensive, real-time insight is harder to come by than you may think. With disconnected systems and manual processes, many traders are bogged down by cross referencing data or spending hours and days double checking important information.

With systems that allow your employees to react confidently to an ever-changing environment, you can have a competitive advantage in every market you serve. The McLane Logistics Suite delivers enterprise supply chain automation built on Microsoft Dynamics® AX ERP to simplify operations and give your employees the information that they need to react – fast.

The online Trader Portal is one of these solutions and provides real-time, web-based access for international traders and salespeople, putting every single detail within reach. Having this business insight can help you achieve operational excellence and simplify your shipping management as well. For example, you can control transportation and operational spending from fuel to landed costs. You can improve efficiency on space utilization and shipping container type configuration with automated weight and cube calculations. You can even standardize procedures and connect data to meet complex regulations and provide full governmental reporting – without external assistance.

Learn how one of our clients now handles the details with ease by downloading our customer case study or contact us directly for more information:


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