It’s Time for a Holistic Approach to Supply Chain Management

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Traditionally, the supply chain was driven by point solutions.  Holistic approaches to planning and scheduling the entire supply chain were non-existent.  What is needed now is an entirely new way of thinking.

Economic conditions have an effect on all industries, but manufacturers are hardest hit with inconsistent customer demand, changing cost of source products, and the implications of having products move offshore.  Local businesses are being challenged with shorter lead times which is becoming harder and harder to satisfy when products are overseas.  When supply chain is such an important element that can make or break sales and customer service, it’s time to invest in a robust software solution.

The more insight you have into your supply chain, the more you can control the inconsistencies and changes that are inevitable in the manufacturing industry.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP can provide insight into your supply chain and increase efficiency so that you can continue to provide excellent customer service.  Microsoft Dynamics GP includes tools to optimize planning and scheduling manufacturing operations.  Know your most reliable sources, how and when they can ship the products you need for your customers, and make sure you have the time to manufacture and ship products to customers on time and within budget.  Streamlining procurement and manufacturing schedules will help reduce common bottlenecks and delays with timing.  When you aren’t working with shortened deadlines, you can decrease costs on products and shipping.

Inventory management is a tricky, but important, element to control.  Too much inventory will deplete cash flow and limit your ability to make investments and improvements in your business.  Too little inventory risks your ability to provide goods to customers on time.  Gain visibility in the relationship between purchasing and sales order processing with Microsoft Dynamics GP so that you can easily spot trends and maintain the right stock at the right time.

There are many variables to control throughout the supply chain that can have an effect on your bottom line.  Bring innovation into how you conduct business with a powerful software solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Being prepared for changes in customer demand and vendor pricing and delays will help you react quickly so that you aren’t cornered.  For more information about managing supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact Aztec Systems.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Partner out of Texas

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