Is Automation Your Friend or Foe?

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One of the major pains distributors feel is dealing with manual processes.  Even when companies realize the headaches associated with manual operations, automation can be intimidating.  However, the right technology is easy to use and can make noticeable improvements in productivity, accuracy, and profits.

Sometimes technology changes so fast that we simply can’t keep up.  We become very comfortable and feel safe with our methods of storing and controlling our critical business data.  Spreadsheets are simple; updating the boss with a phone call is easy.  However, adding automation to your operations can be just as simple and easy, especially with NAV-X, a comprehensive distribution software solution for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.

Put away your spreadsheets and organize inventory, supply chain, warehouse management, shipping and receiving data, and much more with a single, integrated software solution.  All of your business data can be safely stored in NAV-X, making it easy to find and share business data, and even easier to use your data when making the decisions that drive growth.  Whether you have one warehouse or several across the globe, you can have real-time inventory counts with NAV-X.  Know what is on its way out to customers, what is on the production floor, and what is sitting on shelves.  Instead of sending an employee to run a physical count, sit at your desk and search for inventory by lot and serial number, manufacturer’s item number, or other qualifiers.  Find item substitutions and replenishment rules for each item with a few clicks of the mouse, instead of rummaging through file cabinets or searching through spreadsheets.  Tighter control on inventory and automating how you find it, price it, or share it between warehouses will save time, and time is money.

In the warehouse, expedite how your team picks and packs products for shipment.  Optimize pallets and consolidate shipping to reduce shipping costs.  Barcodes and scanners will make it easier to track incoming and outgoing products.  Automate Bill of Ladings and other package labels so your packages are consistently marked in accordance with transportation legislation, as well as to prevent damage or loss during transportation.  Adding consistency and control to packing and shipping procedures will help you deliver products to customers in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective manner.

Adding automation to distribution operations will increase the speed of getting products in and out of your warehouses.  Automation also improves the accuracy of operations, improving inventory control, order processing, pack and ship, and other processes.  Greater productivity and accuracy will lead to a healthier bottom line.  Adding automation shouldn’t be feared, it should be sought out to help improve business operations and drive growth.  Contact NAV-X for additional information about how adding automation to your distribution operations can be your best friend.

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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