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Inventory and Shipment Management Best Practices

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For distributors, management of your inventory and shipments go hand in hand. Even though this is true, some of you may have a great handle on inventory, but your processes are broken within your shipping department. Or you have a streamlined process for shipping, but not a real-time view of what’s in your inventory. Here are 3 tips to sophisticated inventory AND shipment departments:

Avoid Overselling. If you lack visibility into inventory, you may end up with customer orders that cannot be fulfilled. To avoid overselling, it’s wise to centralize inventory management across all sales channels. For your warehouse inventory, it’s a good idea to set up reports or alerts that will remind you to reorder additional product quantities.

Incorporate Intelligent License Plates. In our other blog, Deep Dive for Manufacturing and Distribution, we discuss intelligent license plates in depth. In summary, if an order is treated as a license plate, it can contain quantities and locations of items that are ear marked for that specific order. Giving you more insight into that order and simplifying the transactions immensely by keeping it virtual.

Centralize and Integrate Order Management, Inventory Management, and Accounting. If you run out of stock or are slow to ship products you may receive negative feedback on the various marketplaces. If there’s enough negative feedback you could be removed from a marketplace all together. Using a platform that ties together inventory management, order management, and accounting can help keep your ratings positive.

By integrating inventory management, order management, and accounting together via an open platform, transaction processes can occur automatically end-to-end. Moreover, your business will benefit from up-to-date information about inventory, orders, revenue by sales channel and more.

By Steve Dwyer of Appolis, Inc., a leading warehouse management Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner.

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