Insight to Reason in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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No, we’re not getting philosophical on you, we’re especially excited about a new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 called ‘reason codes’. Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 can gain valuable insight into the reasons behind certain business operations.

Reason codes are a new feature added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and will provide a new level of insight into inventory control.  Up until now, warehouse managers were only able to track the activity behind inventory adjustments and transfers, including in-transit or bin transfers.  Tracking these activities was helpful in determining inventory counts and where inventory was going both inside and outside of your facilities.  Now, you can justify activities and gain additional insight into inventory activities with your own reason codes.

System administrators can create reason codes and how they are applied on inventory transactions.  Examples for reason codes can include things like spoilage, lost inventory, damage by accident in the facility, damage by accident in transit, inventory movement due to space issues, or other reasons why your inventory is moved.  You can also restrict certain codes for situations when reporting inventory movement or losses.  For example, reporting inventory loses by spoilage or damage can only be used for negative adjustments in inventory transactions.

The new reason codes will identify trends that you can use to improve operations, simply by noting reasons behind inventory movement or losses.  If you find that you have high rates of inventory loss due to spoilage, then you might reconsider procurement schedules or determine why products are sitting too long before being shipped to customers.  Reasons behind inventory movements might also help you streamline where inventory is stored within the warehouse.  You can improve productivity by optimizing inventory storage and how your team moves inventory around for manufacturing or pack and ship operations.

The ability to track the reasons behind inventory activities, including transfers and losses, will provide added insight you can use to improve inventory management.  Save money by reducing the chance for inventory losses and improve productivity by streamlining warehouse operations.  The reason codes in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offer a powerful functionality that you will want to use right away.  Contact MIBAR.net for additional information about reason codes and other new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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