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Improving the Inventory Transfer Process

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    Many distributors are faced with the challenge of managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations.  Frequently these warehouses are actually located at their customer’s facility. One of the common challenges associated with managing multiple inventory locations is the seemingly simple task of stock transfers between locations.
    For one company using Dynamics GP and managing consignment inventory in as many as 40,000 customer locations, SalesPad developed functionality that assists them in creating and executing all of the necessary stock transfers associated with keeping quantities on-hand in this large number of locations. SalesPad Sales Transfers allows users to quickly create a sales order, which is used to then generate an Inventory Transfer Transaction in Dynamics GP.

There are many benefits of using a sales document to originate this type of transaction:

  • Inventory quantities are immediately allocated when the document is created.
  • Users can easily print picking, packing, and shipping paperwork to be used in fulfilling and shipping the transfer.
  • SalesPad workflow can be used to manage the document through fulfillment and while in transit.
      While managing 40,000 locations is an extreme example, this core SalesPad functionality works equally well for a business simply moving stock between 2 or 3 locations.

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    4 questions

    1. Interesting post, and you bring up a great point about having a smooth transition process from multiple warehouses – any idea on the costs involved with a service like this?

    2. Tim says:

      This functionality is a standard part of SalesPad. SalesPad is available through many Dynamics GP partners. They can answer your questions about pricing.

    3. Salespad… have to admit that your blog is my first exposure to the product. I viewed the video “salespad workflow demostration” – very intriguing. The process maps and detail of your process flow is very impressive. Seems like you definately have a foothold in your niche! Does Salespad integrate with any platforms besides Microsoft Dynamics GP?

    4. Tim says:

      SalesPad is only integrated with Dynamics GP.

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