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Improving Profits Through Increased Accuracy

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Whether you’re relying on accurate data in inventory, sales or shipping – how you see the numbers can make or break profitability. You’ve probably experienced several instances where inaccurate data spoiled a big sale or lost a valued customer. We hear similar stories all the time. Luckily, we know how to get you a single version of “the truth.”

Removing manual entries and reducing redundancy in your systems, data, and processes are key actions that will positively affect the accuracy of the information you get from your business systems.

Reviewing your internal processes and eliminating redundancy will enable growth and deliver value to the whole spectrum of your business. For example, inefficient, manual warehouse processes can often be eliminated which can quickly increase productivity, reduce operating expenses and positively impact margins. Another benefit of reviewing and improving internal processes is improved employee satisfaction. There’s nothing more frustrating to an employee then realizing they are working inefficiently.

When you have to utilize multiple systems to complete a single order-to-cash process, you are bound to deal with inefficiencies. When dealing with disparate systems, you may get different answers to the same question and pulling data together is time-consuming. Which means data is often days or weeks behind and can be obsolete. Maintaining one, integrated system, gives you the most current data and assures you have one version of “the truth” when making strategic decisions.

Bottom Line: If you have had it with business losses due to your reliance on inaccurate data, investing in a single integrated business system could be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you find your business is relying on either of the two key causes of data inaccuracy – manual entries and redundant systems, you can improve your profits by investing in technology made for the distribution industry.

By Third Wave Business Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of New Jersey

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