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How to Develop the Right ‘Big-Data’ Strategy as a Distributor

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‘Big Data’ is the strategic business information generated from advanced software solutions in a comprehensive way. This data is used to make smart decisions that will ultimately benefit a company’s bottom line. As distributors evaluate how to build and use their ‘Big Data’, there are a few key components you’ll want to keep in mind:

Find the Right Data: Data is only as good as you make it. Software may be able to jump over the moon, but the main question is ‘will that actually help your business?’ So whether you have distribution-specific software in place or not, make sure you pinpoint your key differentiators as a business in order to implement the features you’ll need within your software.

Find the Right Talent: Companies seeking to build up their Big Data efforts with new staff are likely to find a shortage of qualified professionals for the job, but some firms are expanding their search to include skill sets not typically associated with computer science. According to this article, an undergraduate biology and political science major has the skills to fit right in within an IT department. So even though there aren’t many ‘Big Data’ specialists, there is talent that works well with analysis tools and number crunching. You just need to think ‘outside the box’.

Find the Right Mix: No matter how powerful your ‘Big Data’ may be, you still need to maintain a one-on-one personal interaction with your prospects and clients. Your data can provide insight into sales transactions, order details, historic trends, and more. But it can’t show you what’s going on inside the heads of your prospects and clients. As you build your ‘Big Data’ strategy, make sure to mix in sales and customer service reps that can help you leverage that big data to your benefit.

If you have any questions about how ‘Big Data’ can be used at your organization, please contact us at Collins Computing: We can help you find the right data by using Microsoft Dynamics GP.


By Collins Computing, Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner in California


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