How to Build a Reliable Supply Chain

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When a customer calls with changes to their product specifications, adds or subtracts from their order, or shortens the delivery time, are you able to rely on your supply chain and warehouse management software (WMS) to help you address these changes?  Customer changes can wreak havoc unless you are prepared with the right technology.

The ability to manage your supply chain can have a substantial impact on your ability to satisfy customer demands, as well as on your bottom line.  Some businesses use spreadsheets or specialty software programs to manage supply chain details.  However, even the fanciest of spreadsheets can’t provide the insight or efficiency that an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers.

Managing your supply chain in a specialty software program is like having a 2-D view of your data.  You may have the bare basic information about your suppliers, but not the insight you need to leverage your supply chain to gain a competitive advantage.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a much broader view of your supply chain that you can use to improve productivity and profitability.  All of your core business data can be managed through Microsoft Dynamics GP, including financials, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, project and services management, and more.

An integrated solution makes it easier for your entire team to communicate and collaborate.  When orders come in, they can be scheduled for manufacturing, procurement can monitor inventory levels, and the warehouse can prepare for shipments.  When a customer calls with a change order or needs their delivery rushed, your entire team can be notified quickly and changes in the work process can be made just as quickly.  Procurement can check real-time inventory to see if they have the inventory in-stock to address a change in specification.  If not, they can reference their supply chain data to know where to buy inventory quickly and affordably so that the customer order doesn’t get delayed longer than necessary.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers automation and levels of efficiency that will speed up communication, improve productivity, and protect data accuracy.

There will always be changes to orders and with technology like Microsoft Dynamics GP, your team can manage these inevitable changes with efficiency and accuracy.  Contact Socius for more information on how to build and manage a reliable supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Ohio (

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