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How much does poor inventory management cost you?

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Both large and small companies invest an enormous amount of money on inventory every year.  Smaller companies typically track inventory in a manual intensive paper driven process where larger companies have dedicated departments monitoring and tracking inventory.

At a basic level, inventory best practices are put in place to prevent stock outs, which occur from not being able to meet the customer order demand.   The consequences of not being able to meet demand from the current inventory consist of internal costs like delays, wasted labor time and lost production or external costs such as profit loss from lost sales or loss of future profit. While you can calculate profit loss, the unknown factor is the damage to your company’s reputation and inability to calculate that kind of loss.

The success of any company relies on accurate and efficient materials management, cost control and customer satisfaction. With the pressure of shorter lead times from manufacturers and customers, you need a more proactive warehouse management system that helps match supply and demand quickly and more accurately to increase order fill rates.

Now is the time to invest in a reliable tracking system that will allow management at many levels. Whether you are a producer, distributor or warehouse broker, the Appolis WithoutWire™ (WoW) Manufacturing and Warehouse Management system helps track inventories from raw components to final product providing complete supply chain traceability.

Having visibility to the data gives you agility required for reporting and costing requirements.  The real-time data enables manufacturers to make quick decisions based on current and accurate data. Appolis has a cost effective solution to help you manage the requirements that challenge your business model.  Join our growing number of customers who are using this product to improve their inventory management and streamline their processes. Sign up for one of our Executive Briefings today by visiting our website

By Jill St. Martin, Director of Business Development at Appolis


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