How Keen is Your Security Awareness?

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One of the top priorities of CSOs is to improve their organization’s security culture.  Which is probably easier said than done.  There are a lot of ways to sabotage your own security awareness program as Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke explain in “7 reasons of security awareness failure,” posted on  Rollout a successful security awareness program by adding the following three elements.

  1. Clearly define security awareness and program goals:  Your IT department and software providers will likely incorporate security features within your business management solutions and on any computers or mobile devices used by employees outside of the office.  Most security awareness programs don’t stop with firewalls and strong passwords.  You want all of your employees to be aware of the risky behaviors that can create weaknesses and how they may inadvertently expose proprietary or confidential customer data to the wrong people. 
  2. Perform training AND follow up:  IT-related training has a tendency to be a little ‘dry’.  Improve retention and make a real impact by offering engaging training sessions with relevant information that employees can use.  Then, monitor the effectiveness of the security awareness program and training sessions.  Are you seeing fewer breaches or losses?  Are there changes in safety culture or do people go back to doing what they were doing?
  3. Add risk mitigation to your program:  There will be leaks and losses.  There will be breaches.  The question is how are you going to handle it?  Define potential weaknesses and make plans on how to handle those situations when a failure occurs.

Creating a culture of safe and secure IT practices is important to protecting your critical business data and confidential customer information.  Implementing a successful safety awareness program involves a clear set of rules and procedures, proper training and follow-up, and it’s best to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best with a risk mitigation plan. The experts at OmniVue can help you protect your business data and offer disaster recovery solutions to get your data back when it’s lost.  Contact OmniVue for additional guidance on protecting your information and creating a culture of safety.

By OmniVue, a Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV Partner out of Georgia

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