How Does Your Distribution System Measure Up?

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Continuous flexibility in order to control costs and meet customer demand is critical to succeed in the distribution environment of today and tomorrow. The following survey was designed to help you analyze your current system’s ability to deliver the speed and flexibility you need to stay competitive. It will also help you measure your system’s potential for improvement and help you determine if your organization would benefit from implementing a new distribution software system.

The Distribution Software Evaluation & Planning Guide is divided into three separate sections. Each section deals with factors critical to a fast, flexible system, including software system requirements, information access and reporting needs.

  • Section 1: Distribution Software System Requirements
  • Section 2: Information Access
  • Section 3: Reporting Needs

Take a few minutes right now to complete this Distribution Evaluation

Circle your answers as best you can, and write your score in the right-hand column. When you’ve finished, tabulate your total score to find out the results of your survey.

Download the guide here!

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