How Do You Get From Point A To Point B In The Quickest, Cheapest Way Possible?

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Delivering products to the right customers on time and within budget is at the forefront of the mind of any distributor.  Whether you have one truck or fleets, making sure your customers are satisfied has a big impact on the bottom line.  So, how do you deliver products from Point A to Point B with optimal efficiency and profitability?

While there are many answers that question, the best way to start is by having the right technology in place.  Using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, will put you on the right path.  This comprehensive software solution will manage your financials, project and services information, and other core business operations in a single software solution.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers powerful management capabilities of supply chain and inventory for distributors that are faced by a complex and ever-changing marketplace and high customer service expectations.

You can organize and manage your entire supply chain in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contract data, specifications, shipment options, and other vendor and source data will be readily available in this software solution.  No more searching through Rolodexes or files for vendor information.  Knowing which suppliers can provide products cost-effectively and quickly, will improve your inventory management and reduce internal costs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is fully integrated, so you can have an accurate real time inventory count, tied in with incoming shipments and outgoing deliveries.  The analytical features in Microsoft Dynamics GP will also integrate inventory with sales and purchasing data, so you can create more accurate forecasting.  Having the right inventory, at the proper volume, will save time and cash.  When you have the right inventory in stock, you will reduce the time from source to your facility, then to your customer.  In addition, Microsoft Dynamics GP will help you streamline the layout of the warehouse, picking methods, and product movement.  Eliminating common bottlenecks with pick and ship procedures will improve warehouse productivity, as well as get products to customers faster.

While the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B is a straight line, distributors have a far more complex way of getting inventory from the source, to their facility, and then to the customer.  Make the process much more efficient by using the right technology, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Improving productivity will save time, money, and improve customer service.  Contact Socius for more tips on optimizing efficiency and profitability with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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