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How Did a Connecticut Distribution Company SAVE 150 Thousand Dollars Per Year with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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What happens when a business grows by 40%?  Of course this is good news, but it also can bring about some pretty severe growing pains. For a distribution company this can mean a 40% increase in transactions, purchasing, inventory and production.  But you certainly can’t expect your employees to have the time to work 40% more.  So you need to make sure you have the right systems in place to manage this growth. Thor, a Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, recently proved that this is possible.

In the last few years, Thor has seen its business grow by 40%, so the order entry and purchasing departments are dealing with a much higher volume of transactions. But they were able to handle this growth without adding additional staff or working overtime and still have the capacity to do more. What is the secret to their success? It was the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad as their financial and distribution software systems.

“Thanks to Dynamics GP with SalesPad we can handle 40% more business without adding personnel to the accounting, inventory, or order entry teams. We have the capacity to do more with the staff that we have. This benefit alone saves the company 2 or 3 headcount per year, which will translate to a $150,000 cost savings each year, ” says Robert Boyle, Controller at Thor.  “If we didn’t have these new features and the ability to quickly enter, see, organize, receive, and pass an entry through the system we would not have been able to handle our 40% increase in transactions.”

Dynamics GP with SalesPad gives them increased speed and efficiency, especially the easy order entry system. Enhanced inventory planning, and visibility into receipt of imported products have made the new system even more valuable.  Thor can rely on the efficiency and speed of Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad to help them continue their growth now and into the future

Read the full case study: Specialty Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor Easily Handles 40% Growth Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics® GP with SalesPad.

If you are a distribution company that is ready to grow and wants the right systems in place to make this a success, contact CAL Business Solutions to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Read more Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad case studies

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Connecticut serving the Distribution industry

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