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How a Distributor Used Microsoft Dynamics ERP To Outsmart the Competition and 24 Other Brilliant Examples

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The ERP Software Blog just released a new white paper 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This easy to read paper highlights 25 real life scenarios. CAL Business Solutions contributed #10: Pricing negotiations. This features the story of our Rhode Island based distribution client, Amax Inc.  Using Microsoft Dynamics GP, the company  gained  control  of  their margins —  not  only  leveling  them  out  but  increasing  them  — through  real-time  visibility  into  ever-changing  inventory  costs. Competitors, lacking access to margin data don’t stand a chance in tight negotiations.

Other distribution and manufacturing companies are featured in the white paper:

#1 – Food manufacturer that lowered landed costs, reduced shipping costs, increased inventory turns and improved margins OR Food manufacturer able to track inventory levels by location and manage cross warehouse transfers

#4 – Merchandise display distributor streamlined shipping process and saves $1million in the first year.

#6 – Food manufacturer minimized the costs and impact associated with product recall

#7 – Electrical goods wholesaler used barcoding and hand held devices to automate the picking process to ensure accurate, rapid fulfillment

#9 – Spice manufacturer implements processes to automate compliance and quality control.

#10 – Office supply distributer uses knowledge of their true cost of inventory to win pricing negotiations.

#11 – Automotive supplier builds alert system for delays in imported goods giving them more time to plan and react.

#12 – Specialty bike manufacturer shares product pricing and stock levels with sales reps, distributions and customers 24/7.

#15 – Truck part manufacturer uses a Digital White Board to set the production schedule and automatically assign jobs.

#17 – Wholesale restaurant equipment distributor reduced warehouse staff and decreased fulfillment time by more than 50%.

#23 – A RFID device manufacture “goes green” with electronic document approval and saves 16 hours per week

#24 – Multi-Line Distributor uses a B2B ecommerce system to increase revenue by 40%

Read the full white paper to get details on all companies. Download 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP at

And check out the related infographic 10 Brilliant Ways to Outsmart Your Competition With Microsoft Dynamics ERP at

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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