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How a Connecticut Distribution Company Prepares their Convergence Wish List #CONV2012

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Christmas is over but you can still make your wish list – for Convergence 2012. The annual Microsoft Dynamics customer event this year is in Houston, Texas from March 18-21st. Of course we can tell you about all the great training, networking and opportunities to meet vendors and experts. (There are 70 sessions offered for Dynamics GP users). But we wanted to give you a tip from an actual attendee on why Convergence is worth attending.

We asked Bob Boyle, Controller from Thor, a specialty chemical manufacturer and distribution company in Connecticut, Dynamics GP user, and repeat Convergence attendee, how he prepares for Convergence. His answer, he makes a wish list.

“I sit down with my order entry group and ask; Where are your bottlenecks? What is causing you difficulties?  What more would you like to see?  Same thing with my inventory people, my financial people, and management.  Then I go to Convergence with their wish lists.

While I’m there over the course of three or four days, I talk to all of the people who could possibly assist in solving our problems or improving our system in a very short period of time.  I go to the various sessions, talk to the vendors on the expo floor, use the support center, the test area, and the hands on lab. I’m too busy to be trying to call vendors over several months.  Instead, at Convergence, I walk in with a list of questions and I walk out with a list of solutions.” -Bob Boyle, Controller, Thor.

I can come back to my team with an action plan of what we need to do. I’ve already looked at all the vendors over this short period of time.  Here’s the one or two I need to bring in for further talks and here’s what we’re looking at for budget. It is the best way I can spend my time.”

Want to get more great tips from this Connecticut distribution company using Microsoft Dynamics GP? Read the full Thor case study: Specialty Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor Easily Handles 40% Growth Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics® GP with SalesPad.

And remember, Convergence is NOT just for Microsoft Dynamics customers. If you are considering a Microsoft Dynamics purchase, Convergence is the place for you. You can talk to customers and ask them about their experience and see the product in action.

Do you have a Microsoft Dynamics GP wish list?  Make it come true at Convergence 2012 in Houston, Texas March 18-21.  Get more details on Convergence 2012

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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