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High Volume + High Product Turnover = No Problem

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Gearing up for the intense holiday shopping season required many manufacturers and distributors to ramp up activities.  An increase in production may put your business to the test.  However, with a strong business management solution, you can increase volume, product turnover, and satisfy customers with greater efficiency.

A lot of planning and preparation is necessary to prepare for the busiest shopping season, whether it’s at the end of the year with the holidays or corresponds with other seasons or special promotions throughout the year.  High volume requires a strong supply chain and strategic manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as accurate forecasting.  Knowing which products are going to sell best and when, is often one of the biggest challenges when preparing for high volume times of the year.  In order to have a successful and profitable busy season, you need a strong business management solution.

A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can provide the control and support that you need to prepare for and navigate high volume times.  You can manage all of your business operations from a single, integrated ERP solution including financials, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and human resources and payroll.  Centralized data puts your data at your fingertips, making it easier to find and use it when you need to.  In addition, since your data is working together, you can identify trends with sales activities, for example.  You can monitor data in real time and watch for the signs that indicate when a product is gaining or losing interest in the marketplace.  Combined with powerful business intelligence, you can plan ahead and identify which products to ramp up in production.

Planning to escalate manufacturing operations also requires insight into your supply chain.  You need to know which suppliers can deliver the products you need, when you need them, and at a price that is aligned with your profit goals.  In addition, managing your supply chain within ERP puts supplier data at your fingertips and you’re better prepared to navigate a supply chain disruption.

Preparing for high volume times and high product turnover isn’t a problem when you have the right business technology in place.  Contact Collins Computing for more information about using ERP to plan and execute another successful busy season.

By Collins Computing, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner out of California

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