Have You Had Enough Of The Snow Yet?

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This long snowy winter has been particularly difficult for distributors who are experiencing poor sales and transportation nightmares.  Weather and poor road conditions have delayed projects, and stranded customers in their homes as well as trucks on the road, which only highlights concerns with supply chain interruptions and weakening cash flow.  The question is what can we do to weather the next winter?

Weather control may be slightly out of range for your core business practices so finding a way to deal with problematic weather may be a better place to focus efforts.  The main problem experienced by many businesses during this snowy winter was getting goods delivered on treacherous roads.  You may have been on the receiving end, experiencing delays in getting the raw materials you needed for your production activities or experienced similar problems with getting finished products to customers.  Don’t hope for a better winter next year, take a cold hard look at your supply chain and make it through the next grueling winter with greater efficiency.

In today’s global economy, it may be more affordable to get raw materials from distant suppliers until your truck is stuck on a closed interstate road and you have to halt production.  Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can give you greater insight and control over your supply chain and business processes that you can use to get through weather-related and other common supply chain interruptions.  Using a solution like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you can get closer to the data you need to manage common supply chain complications.  You can manage details about your suppliers, including price structures, raw material specifications, delivery options, and the average time it takes to get items delivered.  The business intelligence features can provide insight into trending buyer behaviors and the products that are increasing in popularity.  You can then use this data to make strategic procurement decisions, stocking up on the inventory you need to satisfy customer demands before the harsh weather sets in.  You may also take a strategic look at distribution centers to close the distance between suppliers and customers, improving your ability to receive and deliver goods as promised.

Getting a handle on your supply chain can help you get through these tough winter months.  Contact MIBAR.net for more information about using ERP to manage your supply chain so you can weather the weather and other common supply chain interruptions.


By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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