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The distribution industry can be a complicated world, especially for distributors searching for the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. For this reason, editors of the Distribution Software Blog sat down with Michael Shoemaker, Director of Microsoft’s Distribution & Consumer Goods Industry Development, to pick his brain and offer valuable information for today’s distributors.

Answers from a Distribution Professional

Questions within this article include:

  • What is the most pressing issue for distribution companies today?
  • What are distributors looking for within software?
  • What concerns do distributors have about implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software?
  • What do you see happening this year at Microsoft to help distributors?
  • What resources would you recommend to distributors?

If you find yourself asking some of these questions already, then there’s no time like the present- Download the complete article here: http://distributionsoftwareblog.com/white-papers/answers-from-a-distribution-professional–competing-with-the-web–applying-differentiators-to-technology–and-facing-fears-about-front-end-downtime-39/ .


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